We Are All Guests #10

We Are All Guests #10
Design by Jason Coburn

Fri 25 Nov 2022 from 6 p.m
Sat 26, Sun 27 Nov 2022, 12 to 6 p.m.

Ricardo Carbone, Clara Dias, Thom Driver, Marina Dykukha, Vincent Hofmann, Simon Kindle, Javier palacios, Olivier Scheffer, John Strutton

We are all guests exhibitions feature artists currently participating in residency programmes or staying in guest studios in south Rotterdam. The exhibitions introduce these artists and bring people together.

Friday 25 November from 6 p.m.
Featuring a sound performance by Original Copy
and a concert by Arthur Brick.
Programme starts at 8 p.m.

Film Screening 
27 Nov at 7 p.m.

L’Ami Hollandais, Jef Last & André Gide 
by Pieter Jan Smit
(72 min, English subtitles)

State of the City international residency programme (at Paviljoen aan het Water) is supported by the CBK Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Olivier Scheffer

In search of the light, 2022
It’s that time of year again when we search for light and presents. Look no further, as I have created a whole new series of lights made with thrifted glass and LED lamps, just like I did two years ago.

Olivier Scheffer. 
In search of the light, 2022

Marina Dykukha

‘Habitat’, Postcards from south, Ukraine, 2022

‘Habitat’ is a series of nature snapshots that I began capturing in the summer of 2019 in Strilkove, located in southern Ukraine. The serene simplicity and tranquil silence of nature deeply inspired me, compelling me to use my camera to capture its peaceful, calming beauty made up of a variety of sparkling textures. Through this project, I seek to connect people to the beauty of nature and help them build a personal attachment to it. 

Postcards have a way of reaching those who are dear to our hearts, and that is why I have chosen this format to share my images. I hope that by seeing these photographs, people will be able to share in the energy and atmosphere of the places depicted, and in doing so, they will develop a personal connection with Ukraine, with all its tenderness and natural beauty.

Marina Dykukha. 
‘Habitat’, Postcards from south, Ukraine, 2022

Clara Dias 

Untitled (6 pieces), 2022

Clara Dias. 
Untitled (6 pieces), 2022

Javier Palacios

Ra Flame, 2020
Oil on canvas

Glavasevo Gelu, 2022
Oil on canvas

Javier Palacios. 
Ra Flame, 2020. 
oil on canvas. 
Glavasevo Gelu, 2022. 
oil on canvas.

Simon Kindle & Vincent Hofmann

Fight Night (re-enactment of a sculpture) video, monitor (karaoke), photographLet’s follow the form (free publication)

Simon Kindle & Vincent Hofmann. 
Fight Night (re-enactment of a sculpture) video, monitor (karaoke), photograph.

Arthur Brick

Thom Driver, John Strutton, Riccardo Carbone

Arthur Brick, born out of a calamitous performance at a Swiss wedding, has undergone various transformations over the years and now exists as a three-headed entity. In this performance, Arthur Brick will showcase a collection of songs that were created during a previous encounter in Rotterdam at WORM’s mystical electronics cave.

Arthur Brick on bandcamp

Arthur Brick – I Like My Job (excerpt)

Arthur Brick

Original Copy

Original Copy create audio-visual installations and performances that explore how objects, machines, and digital technology intersect. They ask whether material surfaces contain trapped data waiting to be unlocked and given a new voice or form. To generate video data through phones and webcams, they utilise objects such a windup gramophone converted into a drawing machine, lightboxes that illuminate watercolours on paper, and hat makers’ wooden blocks. This data is then analysed and translated into an immersive and improvised soundscape.

Original Copy performances are known for their ritualistic atmosphere, evoking early ideas of archaeoacoustics – the notion that ancient artifacts such as pots or vases hold encoded acoustic phenomena, which can be deciphered like gramophone records to reveal messages from the past. By blending sound and image in an immersive experience, the project invites audiences to participate in a dialogue between the past, present, and future.

In this upcoming performance, a simple algorithm will generate words live, adding a textual layer that hints at unknown languages hidden within material surfaces. Previous iterations of Original Copy have taken place in the Netherlands at venues such as WORM in Rotterdam and Extrapool in Nijmegen, and in the UK at Fold and AMP Studios in London, De La Warr Pavilion in Folkestone, and Milton Keynes Gallery.

Original Copy performance – AMP Studios, London 2022

Original Copy performance – Fold, London 2019

Original Copy

Getting to B.a.d.