What we offer.

Our three guest studios are approximately 41 square meters each, with three large east facing windows. We rent the spaces either as live-work or work spaces. The guest studios are not suitable for making large-scale works. We provide a table, chairs, a bed, bedding, a closet, internet access, and a sink with running water. The communal kitchen has free coffee, tea, and sugar. The WCs include toilet paper and cleaning material.


Live/work residency:
€410 per month
(work and residence).

Work residency: €350 per month
(work only, no residence).

Additional residents: €70 per month each.

Terms and conditions.

We charge rent from the first day of the calendar month for the whole of that calendar month, and this payment is non-negotiable. If you begin your residence a couple of weeks into the month, you still have to pay for the whole of that calendar month.

Since we manage the guest studios voluntarily, we have fixed monthly rental periods to reduce administration.

The rental prices are subject to review. The studio rent may increase from when you make your application.
(updated 15 December 2019)