Guest studios

Guest studios

Foundation B.a.d. offers guest studios to local and international artists.

Since 1992, more than 400 artists, architects, and designers have used our guest studios. We are a non-subsidized organization. We do not provide grants or financial help to our guest artists.

We sometimes organize events in which our guests can participate. Guests can also present their work at B.a.d.


You can function within and contribute to our community. You are self-sufficient and willing to follow a few guidelines regarding health & safety, good housekeeping, and consideration for others.

We also provide our guests with a handbook which contains useful information to support their stay.

The spaces

We have three guest studios. Each is 40 m2 and has a sink, basic furniture (table, chairs, bed, etc.), and wifi.

The shared kitchen has two sinks, a large gas cooker and oven, necessary cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery, towels, and a dining table and chairs, and we provide wifi, tea and coffee.

The shared bathroom has two shower cubicles and a laundry.

We also have a garden and pavilion.

B.a.d. offers space for artistic activity among a growing network of creative practitioners

Guest studio 2

Our rooms can be used as a studios or live/work spaces

Guest studio 2

Time & Space

Our garden



Studio visits

Visiting Quinda Veerheul’s studio

Visiting Daan Botlek’s studio