We Are All Guests #7

We Are All Guests #7

12–14 Nov 2021, 12.00–18.00

Miku Sato, Will Kennedy, Olivier Scheffer, Art Ashram art collective (Florian Dietrich, Georg Scherlin, Klara Adam, Max Kubitschek, Nelli David, Diana Righini Markus Zimmermann), Chuglu art collective (Enzo Accardi, Pierre-Étienne Ursault, Clémence Mimault, Souhila Larabi, Daniel Mitelberg)

We Are All Guests #7 participants

An exhibition showcasing guest artists from Foundation B.a.d., NAC Foundation’s Zimmerfrei#2/#3_guesthouses, and Paviljoen aan het Water’s International residency programme

Will Kennedy

Guest artist, Foundation B.a.d. 

Drawing – en plain air
I mostly paint / draw from life outside and am interested in scenes with a tension between natural and human made structures. The kinds of places which are tangible but disparate compositional elements melt in to each other, changing form gradually like clouds and running water


Paviljoen aan het Water’s International residency programme participants

Paper & Milk
Robert Filliou once said ‘Chuglu is what make life more interesting than art.’ We met in Marseille, we make happenings and events, where ideas are found or where Chuglu is welcome. From one to many persons. Collective adventures, spreading or shrinking spaces. Sometimes fun.  


Art Ashram

NAC Foundation’s Zimmerfrei#2/#3 guest artists

To Heal the Broken With the Broken Something II
Art Ashram present a miniature pleasure garden made of broken ceramics. It is structured by tiny sceneries and invites the you to find ease and linger. You can take one of the offered pills, made from a pulverised previous art piece, as a souvenir and effective remedy for many problems.

Founded in 2015, Art Ashram pivot around joint artistic work. Through a series of residencies, they formed a permeable collective with a fixed core and changing participants. They share an interest in making knowledge, skills, and ideas available to one another as an economic means of production within the group, creating autonomous work that transcends the individual. The Art Ashram community manifests in different forms of culture. They develop business models, engage in commercial perfume production, invent analogue mining games, and occupy exhibition spaces. With their particular rules, these games create collective experiences in which irony, manipulation, seduction, and humour play a decisive role. Drawing from old cultural techniques, they question conventional structures of time, work, and product. For participants, the state of self-forgetfulness, aesthetics, utility, and value take on a personal meaning.  


Miku Sato

Guest artist, Foundation B.a.d. 

Book & Knife
Miku Sato’s work involves fieldwork and local participation. Through video, installation and people’s contributions, Miku Sato investigates societal passivity and proactivity through the relationship between individuals and the world. Sato wants to develop a new way of composing storytelling, distinct from journalism, by shining a different light on the past and present and retelling the stories of the world.   


Enzo Accardi

Chuglu Member. Paviljoen aan het Water’s International residency programme participant

MR SERIE (part one)
I mostly work with sewing but never went to fashion school. I learned it from the internet. I don’t see this medium through aesthetics but more in terms of functions. I use sewing is to find solutions to functional problems. Since I had no sewing education, I could find unusual solutions that test sewing’s limits. I reference the functional clothing of the military, firefighters, workers, sailors or even robbers. I came to Rotterdam to work on rainwear. (Where I come from, Marseille, it’s too sunny to do this.) I discovered a big port that is home to workers and sailors. It has strong industrial architecture, thus a strong working-class identity. I used the three-month residency to produce functional waterproof clothing prototypes that don’t use sewing. I wanted these pieces to reflect my love for all those people, workers, sailors, huge boats and containers I like so much. The colours and fabrics are from second-hand workwear.

Olivier Scheffer

Guest artist, Foundation B.a.d. 

Roof Dream
Project proposal
I have a ‘Roof Dream’. I dream of building on a roof. I would like to stay in Rotterdam or rather on top of Rotterdam. I want to build on an existing flat with a flat roof. What I want to build has to be very sustainable, even a bit off-the-grid. I want to create a large garden, generate solar energy and start using rainwater. I have a very cool roof in mind. I am exploring this. It is big enough to realise my roof dream, including the garden.


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