Gültigkeitsdauer (Period Of Validity)

Gültigkeitsdauer (Period Of Validity)

7 July 2017, 18:00–21:00, 9 July, 13:00–17:00

Please join us for Gültigkeitsdauer (Period of Validity), an exhibition of works by Selma Hengeveld, Karin Arink, and Marijke Appelman.

Photographer and visual artist Selma Hengeveld is showing new work in which she documented a short journey using photographs, receipts, flyers, and notes, translating them into a special remembrance document. In this way, a different journey appears: a new reconstruction of real events. The work blurs the borders between fact and fiction and investigates the scrapbook’s function as a means to retain memories. Apart from her own work, Selma selects works from Karin Arink and Marijke Appelman. From their oeuvres, she has chosen older works to make connections with her new work.

The exhibition is about evoking memories – memories of a very recent journey and memories of a working process from long ago: the different circumstances, the unforeseen meetings, and the developments and insights that were created then. As makers we go forward while keeping the things that are left behind in mind. The same goes for this exhibition, which will inevitably turn into a memory. Natasha Rijkhoff makes and writes and adds to the exhibition with words.


Selma Hagenveld
Stretchy our View 
eight posters
59,4 x 84,1 cm

Selma Hengeveld
Postcards to a Door
36 postcards with handwritten messages

A picture of a door in Munich, divided into 36 postcards. Visitors were asked to leave a message for the postcards’ unknown receiver and owner of the door. The next step in the work was sending the postcards back to the door. 


Selma Hengeveld
Studie naar de zwarte banaan bij thuiskomst
(Study of the black banana after coming home)
5 colour photoprints
29,7 x 21 cm each