Welcome to the new B.a.d. website

The new B.a.d. website is designed by Jason Coburn and built by Thom Driver and its first version was launched in November 2019. A ‘new and improved’ version — with updated colour scheme and page layouts, improved navigation, a more vibrant homepage, and a B.a.d. Studio Playlists page — was launched in July 2020. As well as keeping you up to date with the foundation’s and its members’ activities, the website will eventually be a comprehensive archive of B.a.d’s activities since the 1990s. The process of researching and uploading archival material to the website is a longterm project that will continue into 2021.

Top of the B.a.d. website’s homepage, launched July 2020
Bottom of the B.a.d. website’s homepage, launched July 2020

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Former B.a.d. websites


Screenshots of pages from website launched in Nov 2019



B.a.d’s first website launched in August 2002. This image is from September 2005
B.a.d website in Feb 2014 (designed by Beeldhinger)