South Explorer

South Explorer

SOUTH EXPLORER is a half year event in the south of Rotterdam. Cultural hotspots, temporary locations, galleries, artist studios, and art shops open their doors for one day to partcipate in a various and challenging program. Scroll and Wander through Rotterdam South, from Oud-Charlois to Carnisse, along the waterside to Bloemhof and Rijnhaven, with art, music, poetry, film, food, jewelry, books, and photography.

Stichting B.a.d is proud to present recent works by:
Marie van der Gaag, Gwyn Rhys Jones, Marco Douma, Arjen van Krieken

Marie Antoinette van der Gaag (Rotterdam, 1990) studied at the Graphic Design School in Rotterdam as well as the School of Visual Arts in New York and Instituto Europea di Design in Barcelona where she graduated in 2013. At foundation B.a.d working on photography, sculptures and studies of form and contra form. Now mostly working with rest materials of the harbor.

Utilising dynamics inherent in performance, artist duo Gwyn Rhys Jones (1992) chooses to explore themes of doubling and reenactment through sculpture. For South Explorer they will present parts one and two of ‘You’ve Really Shown Me Where I’m At Tonight’

Marco Douma presents ’Sneeuwstorm’, a video work from 2015 with 30 minutes sound/music from Machinefabriek.

Arjen van Krieken opens his studio to show the first results of an investigation into new materials and a different working method. Krieken searches for a balance between being part of a contemporary urban society and being part of an autonomous world. By placing everyday actions and current events in artistic practice, he comes to ideas that are presented in the combination of existing objects like scrap, and building materials like plaster.