Kamiel Verschuren

Kamiel Verschuren

Kamiel Verschuren is a conceptual artist interested in the public domain and urban space, He works with these spaces as a curator, producer, organiser, initiator, urban adviser, drawer, designer, landscape artist, publisher and social activist, working independently or in collaboration with other artists and organisations.

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Architectural models for the Foundation B.a.d studio complex; BTTF B.a.d To The Future. Models with Nikos Ioannou.

The Melting Gift

Sapporo II, Team Holland #1 – infiltration in the 37th International Snow Sculpture Contest. 61st Sapporo Snow Festival, Sapporo, Japan. With Lauran Schijvens, Eric von Robertson and Mami Odai

There is the Future

A new social space for the Teuge 1 & 2 housing projects. Commissioned by the municipality of Zutphen.

MoreLakeCity-X – Futurological test area

Unstable Urban Development Model for Meerstad Groningen. Commissioned by Centre for Visual Arts Groningen and DLG.

De Schouwplaats 
[The Observatory]

Public sculpture garden, Zuiderpark, Rotterdam. Re-use of sculptures by Jo Uiterwaal and Gerard Héman. Commissioned by Charlois district council and CBK Rotterdam

Veerpont Zuid

Free ferry service between Charlois and Katendrecht (2017–21). By Stedelinks010 foundation, a cultural investment organisation for the social and physical infrastructure of Rotterdam South.

Worlds of …Werelden van …

Sixteen window designs for eight staircases in four renovated housing blocks on Mellisantstraat and Middelharnisstraat, Pendrecht, Rotterdam. With Laurien Dumbar, Thijs Ewalts and Tom Gallant. Commissioned by housing corporation Woonstad Rotterdam. Supported by CBK Rotterdam

Paviljoen … aan het Water

Culture restaurant/bar, project space and State of the City international residency programme. With Charlois aan het Water foundation (partnership with Vitibuck Architects) (since 2015). A project by Stedelinks010 foundation, a cultural investment organisation for the social and physical infrastructure of Rotterdam South.

PUB – Pavillion Urbain de Bonanjo

By ICU art project foundation. A self-sustaining pavilion for doual’art, in Douala, Cameroon. With doual’art, RAW foundation, 2012-Architects and (designers/artists/architects) Mauro Lugaresi, Kaleb de Groot, Lucas Grandin

NAC (Nieuwe Ateliers Charlois) foundation
Established 2004

Self-management organisation, culture fund and project organisation. NAC financial construction.

Hang Out

Architectural replica project SWAFB003 – inner garden Foundation B.a.d. Talingstraat Rotterdam. With Joris Fiselier


Kamiel Verschuren – une réalité parallèle: pratiques artistiques 1991–2018. Gallery Paradise, Nantes, France