Kamiel Verschuren ‘JUST US’ selected social works 1996–2021

Kamiel Verschuren ‘JUST US’ selected social works 1996–2021

3 July to 7 Sept
at Tante Nino
Van der Takstraat 120b, Rotterdam

Open: Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun. 13:00-18:00 (and by appointment – see website during holiday period)

Kamiel Verschuren. JUST US, selected social works 1996 – 2021

For many years Kamiel Verschuren has involved his art practice, his environment, himself and where possible everyone around him in the perspective of others. 

The exhibition shows systematic drawings, calculations, social plans, models that are made to create, change or improve living environments. 

Kamiel’s plan drawings include the visualization of homes, project spaces, communities, cultural places, independent economic systems, social models and more. What the drawings show is the transformation and empowerment of how an idea can be turned into reality; by thinking, drawing, organizing, planning, preparing, transporting and building. One of the most important social and environmental issues of today is how to turn ideas, commitment, compassion, opinions, feelings, thoughts, desires, wants, needs into reality and practice. 

In 2018 and again in 2020 he became involved in the world of Nino and Pieter Jan, sublimated and expanded in their ongoing cultural program, offered through the platform Tante Nino. In 2018, a stage was built to open a courtyard garden for social activities and to host Tante Nino’s cultural program outdoors.In 2020 a gallery was built, in two parts, to support the use of the stage, in winter and summer rains, made possible with financial support from a stage support fund during the Covid-19 pandemic; and designed according to regulations.