Frank Bruggeman

Flower Pieces / Catwalk
Three catwalk flower pieces for Viktor & Rolf’s spring/summer 2017 couture show during Paris Fashion Week.
Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 25 January 2017
Commisioned by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ collection uses disassembled dress fabric from past collections. Echoing this principle, each flower piece is more or less a composition of several deconstructed flower pieces. The plant materials are chosen for their sharp contrast of form, colour and format. Spring-blooming shrubs such as magnolia and hybrid witch hazel and twigs of the horse chestnut tree are combined with classic cut flowers such as rose, carnation, gerbera and baby’s breath. Added to these are exotic pot plants, such as asparagus, azalea, aechmea, dracaena and conifer, sometimes so that only their root system is visible. Beauty also arises from these embraced imperfections.