Fire, Smoke, Steam: pit cooking workshop

Fire, Smoke, Steam: pit cooking workshop

Sun 12 Nov 2017,

A free pit-cooking workshop by Ghislain Amar and Joost Nieuwenburg in Foundation B.a.d.’s garden

Fire, Smoke, Steam is a free one-day workshop on pit cooking using an earth oven. An earth oven is a pit in the ground used to trap heat for baking, smoking, or steaming food. For millennia, earth ovens have featured in many cultures, and archaeologists often seek their presence as a key sign of past human settlement.

Participation: Free (advance registration required via

The workshop will feature different activities, including cooking a vegetarian meal using this ancient technique. Together, participants dig up the results and conclude the day with slow-cooked delights.

Please wear warm shoes and warm rainproof clothing because the workshop requires spending most of the day outdoors.

Supported by Stichting Nac/Mya Fonds

To participate, please contact