• Jan Bokma

    Light for cows2019, Installation Wasteland2014, Installation janbokma.com

  • Anique Weve

    Marie PopCollaboration with Inge Aanstootmariepop.nl The Side Job, That’s the QuestionPhotograph www.we-ve.nl

  • Kamiel Verschuren

    Kamiel Verschuren is a conceptual artist interested in the public domain and urban space, He works with these spaces as a curator, producer, organiser, initiator, …

  • Menno Verhoef

    Bot Wars  Onnem.nl

  • Karin Trenkel

    MontseraPaper karintrenkel.nl

  • Niki van Strien

    UntitledGlass and textile UntitledInstallation, various materials www.nikivanstrien.viewbook.com

  • Helmut Smits

    Wood Beam2019Standard spruce wood beam 69 x 44 x 210 cmHD Video (stop motion) 2:39 minA stop-motion video documenting the detail deviations in the wood …

  • Janine Schrijver

    City Life, New York City Life, Shanghai Our Nature, Within the Limits of City Parks: Rotterdam Our Nature, Within the Limits of City Parks: Berlin …

  • Joke Olthaar


  • Maurice Meewisse

    BålBonfire2013 Bål is Danish for bonfire. During Kunsten i Bevægelse, I collected wood in three different villages, using of a little wagon. I used the …

  • Jeroen Jongeleen

    Excerpt fromStain [#Corona nr.09].Rotterdam, 2020 Excerpt fromUpclose Indoor Counterclock Expressionism. #Corona nr.12, Running Circles. Rotterdam, 2020 flu101.com

  • Aletta de Jong

    People Describing Their Surroundings Using Objects Close at Hand – Said, Basel 2005Video | 4:34A series of videos in which people use objects already in …

  • Barbara Helmer

    LinkChain2019Wall drawing300 x 500 cm “Untitled for now” no.2 2018Acrylic on MDF 30 x 42 x 2.2 cm “Untitled for now” no.22018Acrylic on MDF30 x …

  • Laurien Dumbar

    Untitled2017Giclee print on Hahnemüle paper Untitled2019Giclee print on Hahnemüle paper Untitled2019Giclee print on Hahnemüle paper Untitled2019Giclee print on Hahnemüle paper lauriendumbar.nl

  • Marco Douma

    Machinefabriek and Marco Douma live at VrooomVideo | 34:57 marcodouma.com

  • Frank Bruggeman

    Flower Pieces / Catwalk Three catwalk flower pieces for Viktor & Rolf’s spring/summer 2017 couture show during Paris Fashion Week. Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 25 …

  • Karin Arink

    Tijger Vrouw2006–08Synthetic textile, wooden poles, wooden cube roseclotH2004Cut and sewn cotton with metal hanger FrothWoman 2016 Synthetic textile, metal hook  Bazar des Façades2016 Cut photo on …

  • Inge Aanstoot

    Park202018 x 13 cm, acrylic on linen Odiliapeel Odiliaplee202018 x 13 cm, acrylic on linen ingeaanstoot.nl