Bad—Inside Out—For You

Day & Night from 19-06-2020   •   Talingstraat + Arendsweg   •   Rotterdam

Foundation B.a.d. has created 18 presentation vitrines, viewed from Arendsweg,
and shows works viewed through the façade on Talingstraat.

Featuring: Inge Aanstoot, Karin Arink, Jan Bokma, Frank Bruggeman, Jason L.C. Coburn, Marco Douma/Roel Meelkop, Laurien Dumbar, Kate Genever, Katinka van Gorkum, Barbara Helmer, Aletta de Jong, Jeroen Jongeleen, Dico Kruijsse, Maurice Meewisse, Joke Olthaar, Anouschka Pessy, Janine Schrijver, Helmut Smits, Koes Staassen, Niki van Strien, Karin Trenkel, Unanimous Artists United, Reinaart Vanhoe, Menno Verhoef, Raquel Vermunt, Kamiel Verschuren, Anique Weve.

The lockdown has been an unusual time for everyone, creating challenges that we have all tackled in our own ways. Art is a potent way of reflecting on unfamiliar circumstances, especially the ones we are all currently facing. And, perhaps, art’s position in society is now more vital than ever. Therefore, Foundation B.a.d. wants to contribute to our surroundings and support artists in these demanding times.

To do this, we have made eighteen 150 x 115 cm presentation vitrines in the B.a.d. building’s ground-floor windows, which are viewed from Arendsweg. We also present works that are viewed through the facade windows on Talingstraat. Our gesture to the outside world, to the neighbourhood, is to share artistic perspectives and make a contribution to the community spirit.
Artists associated with B.a.d. present works in these vitrines, which has generated many different creative responses. Some of the work reflects on the current situation. Some works show a perspective on the outside world; others give a glimpse of an inner world. BAD—INSIDE OUT—FOR YOU provides an opportunity for reflection and introspection, both for the creator and the viewer. The vitrines are lit day and night, making the experience from the street literally illuminating.

Window vitrine on Arendsweg, with and without lighting, before installation of artwork


Katinka van Gorkum

Katinka van Gorkum
An Openening Speech
Performance, 19 June 2020

Click below to read the original Dutch transcript and English translation of Katinka van Gorkum’s performance An Opening Speech

Jason Coburn

Jason Coburn
Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter
A T-shirt made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, buried for four seasons beneath an old yew tree (Taxus baccata), the longest living plant species in Europe and a symbol of everlasting life and resurrection. The T-shirt was unearthed after a year. The soil’s acidity eroded the cotton, leaving behind the non-biodegradable polyester.

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This project is included in the South Explorer programme.