Bad – Inside Out – For You #4

Bad – Inside Out – For You #4

Day and night from 19 March to 9 May 2021.

Elen Braga, Thom Driver, Jeroen Jongeleen Maurice Meewisse

The fourth of B.a.d.’s window display exhibitions.

The first lockdown in 2020 motivated Foundation B.a.d. to create an exhibition space of 18 window displays viewable from the street.

Elen Braga

White Palm Tree

White Palm Tree is a hand-tufted tapestry Elen Braga made during her residency at Buitenplaats Brienenoord. She invited Maurice Meewisse and Sander Zweerts de Jong, two artists with whom she is currently working with on her residedncy, to present their work too.

Thom Driver

Attract, Engage, Motivate 

Thom Driver has curated a show of recent video works by a disparate group of artists, musicians and filmmakers. The title is a play on the aesthetics of storefront visual merchandising. This encoding of capitalism into a sugar rush of colour, form and movement can be experienced daily in almost any city. The accepted ubiquity of store displays makes them all the more seductive, claiming the attention of even the busiest passer-by, many of whom are unconscious of the fact.

Attract, Engage, Motivate attempts to co-opt these tactics for a very different agenda, boosting art instead of profit. As with many high street stores, QR codes are displayed in the windows. They link to the artists’ websites or other sources of information about the works. These QRs are not enticements to buy, but invitations to engage with artistic practice, freed from typical art world settings.

Works by BABYMAN, Thom Driver, Gregory Hari, Peter Harris, Rosie Heinrich, Mark Hosking, Aylin Leclaire, Ruth Legg, Ania Mokrzycka, Liza Prins, Liam Scully, Vanessa Scully, John Strutton.

Jeroen Jongeleen


Jeroen Jongeleen has an exhibition of his latest works in Amsterdam. These were all produced in and around Rotterdam during the second wave of the coronavirus. The extended lockdown meant plans to reopen the gallery were postponed, and its doors stayed closed. Here, Jongeleen shows the adjusted invitation in his attempt to keep the spirit up and in the hope we can soon start picking up our routines again and enjoy art indoors too.

Maurice Meewisse

Flag 1–6

Getting to B.a.d.