B.A.D Social Club

B.A.D Social Club

Come one come all
to the B.A.D Social Club, open for one weekend only
13.14.15 June 2014

Grand Opening 13. June 5pm onwards

Stichting B.a.d
Charlois, Rotterdam

A group exhibition of work by international exchange students currently making work in Rotterdam set within the temporary walls of the B.A.D Social Club. The immersive installation re-imagines the old public baths of Charlois as, once again, a platform for meetings, interactions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. It aims to be an all-inclusive place, merging the local community, students of the academy and the B.a.d resident artists with the participating artists assuming the role of mediators.

The exhibition consists of three interdependent parts; firstly, the complete transformation of the space, secondly, the occupation of the space by the diverse artworks of the participating artists, and finally an interactive programme of events that are detailed on our poster and facebook page (see link below).


Participating Artists:

Tea Andreoletti (Italy)
Mair Cook (UK)
Francesco Dipierro (Italy)
Alex Hamlin (Australia)
Marina Garner (Canada)
Sean Grimes (Ireland)
Maria Kokkonen (Finland)
Clare Lowden (UK)
Jen Nguyen (USA)
Serden Salman (Turkey)
Milos Stevic (Serbia)
Otto Stoneman (Ireland)
Berkay Yahya (Turkey)
Jessica Young (UK)
Philip Weis (Norway)
Nateish Wilman (Canada)

Curated by
Maggie Nelson (USA)
Beatrice Vermeir (UK)