B.a.d Lab: Test Results #4

B.a.d Lab: Test Results #4

Laurien Dumbar, Barbara Helmer, Romée van Oers

: Friday 7 December, 4 p.m – 8 p.m.
Exhibition: 8 and 9 December, 1 p.m. – 6 p.m or by appointment

B.a.d Lab: Test Results is a series of weekend exhibitions, pairing artists from B.a.d with invited guests. Together they experiment with forms of exhibiting.

Laurien Dumbar
, Barbara Helmer, and Romée van Oers each engage with Formalist painting in their own distinct way. Patient gradients are put into dialogue with expressive swooshes and layering à la Photoshop. The images in their works emerge from considerations about the gesture and innovative handling of materials. Each gesture has a different tempo and its own visual intent. Their pursuit of image is often realised through an acute sense of precision. They celebrate the power and paradox of these gestures in a tenacious and enduring manner.

In B.a.d Lab: Test Results #4 Romée van Oers, Laurien Dumbar, and Barbara Helmer combine works in different media. Each of their gestures materialises in a different way on specific medium and, as such, each is present in a different dimension in the exhibition space.