B.a.d Lab: Test Results #3

B.a.d Lab: Test Results #3

Opening: Saturday 27 October from 4pm
Dates: Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October 2018, 4pm – 6pm)

B.a.d Lab: Test Results is a series of short exhibitions in which invited artists and B.a.d members experiment with forms of exhibiting.

For this edition, we proudly present Willem de Haan, Quinda Verheul, and Kamiel Verschuren. All three artists work in different ways to interact with their public, both inside and outside of art spaces. Therefore, they will literally step out into the open while using the B.a.d Lab as a base.

Visitor information: Please come to the B.a.d. building on Saturday 27 October at 4pm. At 5pm, there will be an excursion to a location near Foundation B.a.d. Neighborhood residents are also invited to join.

More information to follow on B.a.d’s Facebook page