Art B.a.d.-Inside Out-For You #5

Art B.a.d.-Inside Out-For You #5

Opening, Saturday 3 July at 16:30

Day and night
From 3 July to 15 August 2021
Arendsweg and Talingstraat, Rotterdam

Anique Weve
Barbara Helmer
Esther Schoonhoven
Frank Bruggeman
Helmut Smits
Inge Aanstoot
Janine Schrijver
Joke Olthaar
Karin Arink
Karin Trenkel
Laurien Dumbar
Marco Douma
Kamiel Verschuren

During the 2020 Art Rotterdam art fair, 13 artists from Foundation B.a.d. offer their work for sale and for you to enjoy in the window displays along Arendsweg, Rotterdam.  

Getting to B.a.d.