Anywhere, anyone, anytime

With the project Anywhere, anyone, anytime, the French artist Lawrence Moriceau opens a new collective space. The principle of the project is simple and its most intriguing issue. It's about creating a flow of images and texts, disseminated through a network of wild diffuse boundaries indistinguishable. In short, the exact negative of the known social networks.

A first poster enables you to place images (photo/video) or texts through a mosaic of QR codes readable by your smartphone.
A second poster, allows you to read the content submitted.
The content stakeholders remain anonymous.
The distribution of these posters is unlimited, the number of actors to participate in the project is therefore infinite and world wide.

To discover or get involved, download and scan two posters!

Anywhere, anyone, anytime is producted by Poisson Bouge, laboratory for dynamic web content.