Aether: Tones and Talks #7

Aether: Tones and Talks #7

Aether: Tones & Talks #7:
Stellar Om Source, Wouter Jaspers, Dennis Knopper

Open: 7.30pm. Concert from 8pm

Welcome to Aether! This is our seventh edition so we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the forward looking aspects of this auspicious numeral – and afterall there are seven notes to the western musical scale. Tonight’s guests revel in ideas of the visionary, expressing the dynamic nature of the modern age through the mystical, narrative and mind expanding qualities of their musical output. Read on…




Stellar OM Source
Stellar OM Source is the solo-project of musician, artist and architect Christelle Gualdi. Working with a variety of synthesizers she creates abstract dancescapes where esoteric music, prog-rock and disco collide in a visionary tour de force. Loving kitsch is one of the vices of our time, and yet Stellar OM Source manages to combine all these influences and turns it into a music with a new spirit, a combination of hallucination, technology and spirituality. This is complimented and visualized in the futuristic fantasy artwork she creates. She has just released “Trilogy Select” which rounds up of a selection of tracks from her incredible self released CD series of the same name. The album is well worth getting lost in for its psychedelic incantations and forward looking antics. It also features a collaboration with the equally mind bending Dan Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never. Christelle has been portrayed as a “Total Electronic Music Goddess” and her music described as “Synth Meditation.” Her latest release has been praised by London’s influential Phonica record store as “One of the best records by one of the nicest people in music right now and definitely one of the highlights of the musical year so far.” After an intense and somewhat eventful tour of the USA, it is with an immense sense of pride that we welcome the Goddess to descend upon the Aether wormhole and lavish us with a taste of her electronic paradise… 

Stella Om Source performing at Aether


Wouter Jaspers
With over 400 concerts under his belt in the past 3 years it’s no surprise the idea of the journey is metaphorically transposed into the work of Wouter Jasper. A.k.a. Franz Fjodor, he is an auteur of field recordings, making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient folk chasms and ear splitting adventures. As an auto-didact he avoids specialisation in one particular instrument and mostly performs with electro-magnetic waves, analog synthesizers and modified electric guitars. 2010 has seen the release of several new records for Wouter Jaspers including collaborations with Jos Smolders (from THU20) and Staplerfahrer, a CD for Ashtray Navigations as well as EPs of extended/remixed tracks from his last two albums. His democratic belief in music, has seen him play in a wide variety of settings from hi-brow art festivals all over the world to garages in Russia and so tonight we are very grateful he adds the journey to the atmospheric outer limits of Aether to his travels.


5 Records That Matter, hosted by Dennis Knopper
For this edition of 5RTM we are honored to welcome the owner of one of Holland’s finest purveyors of ambient and electronica, Dennis Knopper. From his origins as a singer/songwriter/producer he set up the Databloem label in 2000 which has since grown into a world renowned label and webshop that excels at finding new talent in the ambient electronica genre. Databloem has become synonymous with sound so clearly defined that one can call it the Databloem genre and has expanded into two sub-labels, Practising Nature and Bluebox; all with slightly different profiles in developing and creating new sound. His own musical interest goes way back to Analogue Space Ambient en Prog Rock from the sixties and early seventies to contemporary laptop soundart. For Dennis Electronic Music is all about experimentation and creativity without formulas or boundaries. With this in mind we are very curious what tonight’s 5RTM will bring to us.

Dennis’ Five Records:

1. King Crimson : In The Court of The Crimson King (1969, Island)

2. Tangerine Dream : Rubycon (1975, Virgin Records)

3. FranK Zappa : Apostrophe (1974, Discreet)

4. Pete Namlook : Silence (1993, FAX)

5. Danny Kreutzfeldt : Counterperipheral (2004, Databloem)



Stella Om Source’s set up


Wouter Jaspers’s set up