Aether: Tones and Talks #6

Welcome to Aether! with Anemone Tube, Ron van der Ende and Machinefabriek…
We are always happy to present artists who effortlessly traverse the boundaries between art and music, image and sound. As such, both of tonight’s guests are known for their strong visual as well as their sonic outputs. And, neatly sandwiched between, we are inviting another high fidelity enthusiast to share their 5 Records That Matter





Fresh from a bout of new releases, we are proud to present Machinefabriek. Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt) makes electronic music ranging from drones to melodica songs and from classical ambient to harsh feedback noise. Touted by the likes of Wire magazine as one of the most interesting new experimental musicians around, Machinefabriek’s sound is textural and considered. Since 2004 Rutger has unleashed more then 50 releases, with many being self released and sold via his website. His intelligent approach to music has lead to many collaborations including previous Aether guest Frans de Waard and musical luminaries such as Peter Broderick and Gareth Davies.




Anemone Tube
Our first guest this evening is Anemone Tube, who has been producing his own unique blend of dark ambient and industrial/noise music since 1996. His performance for tonight’s Aether will be a special set entitled “Dream Landscape”; named after his recent release on the Belgian label Silken Tofu. It shall be an audio visual set and, as is to be expected from Anemone Tube, he employs the use of constantly shifting sounds and moods to enact audio creations with an intense psychological element…


Anemone Tube

5 Records that Matter, Hosted by Ron van der Ende
Tonight’s host for 5RTM is the sculptor Ron van der Ende. Known for his photorealistic wall works made from found wood and reclaimed timbers depicting machines in foreshortened space. Since his works are perspective bending and conjure up dark industrial imagery, we are curious if this is reflected in his selection for tonight’s 5RTM.

Bas Reliefs in Salvaged Wood.

Ron’s Five Records that Matter, with a some legal links:

1. David Bowie – Baals Hymn (Baal – 1981), before that as an introduction to David Bowie; David Bowie – Weeping Wall (Low – 1976)
2. Zazou Bikaye / Cy1 – Lamuka (Grüss Aus Wien Noir en Blanc – 1983)
3. Todd – Black Skull (Comes to your House – 2005)
4. Sonic Youth – Campfire (The Destroyed Bedroom: B-Sides and Rarities – 2006)
5. Abner Jay – Cocaine (True Story of Abner Jay – 2009)