Aether: Tones and Talks #4

Aether: Tones and Talks #4

Aether: Tones and Talks #4

17 June 2010, 20:00

Welcome to Aether!
As we edge fuuurther into the exosphere there is a distinctly ‘retrofuturist’ and ‘haunted’ feel to this edition of Aether, with both of our performers employing near obsolete technologies to re-order our sense of the contemporary. And as always, these fine performances are punctuated by another refined selection of ‘5 Records That Matter’ from an invited expert.

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DJ Pedagog (Kevin Logan)

DJ Pedagog is one of the many pseudonyms and guises of London based media artist Kevin Logan. As well as being a sound designer for films and a video artist, his particular field of expertise is‘plunderphonics’, the editing and reconstruction of pre-existing recorded material. This process often entails the use of decaying versions of old documents, such as obscure vinyl pressings and ‘home recordings’ which are then heavily treated, pitched to alien speeds and pushed through ghostly curtains of reverb. His performances are an otherworldly meeting with lost voices and spectral others.

Frans de Waard

Rounding off tonight’s Aether is the multifaceted noise excavator, Frans De Waard. Despite never having had any formal musical training, his enthusiasm for sonic creativity remains unabated. In 1984 he began the “cassette label” Korm Plastics, which he still runs from his Nijmegan base. He has worked on numerous collaborations the oldest being ‘Kapotte Muziek’ and the newest being ‘Ezdanitoff’. In fact, there is so much to tell about Frans, that you’ll just have to trust us when we say this is one very prolific musician. For tonight’s performance he’ll be resisting the many seductions of technological progress in favour of a selection of bygone forms like old walkmans with newer yet equally outmoded technologies such as the ‘cracklebox.’ The end result; well who knows? You’ll just have to make your way down to Aether’s usual launch-pad at Stichting B.a.d

5 Records That Matter – Mariette Groot

We are privileged to have this edition of 5RTM hosted by Mariette Groot, the owner of Rotterdam’s best shop for avant-garde & underground music and film: the and she has been running it for 18 years so she may be regarded as an authority. Not only does she know the ins and outs of experimental music old and new, she is also a musician herself, an organiser of events and maker of radio programs. We’re in no doubt that tonight’s selection shall be an enlightening mixture.


Mariette’s 5 Records:

1. Henk Badings – More Electronic Music (2CD, label: Basta)
compositie: Dialogue for man and machine


2. Moondog – Moondog / Moondog II (2 LPs op 1 CD, label BGO)
composities: Stamping Ground and All is Loneliness



3. Wha-ha-ha – Getahaite Konakucha (LP, label ReR))
compositie: On the Floor



4. Brian Wilson – Smile (CD, label Universe))
compositie: Surf’s Up


5. Eliane Radigue – Vice Versa, etc.. (2CD, label Important)
eigen mix van 2 versies via 2 kanalen.