Aether: Tones and Talks #3

Aether: Tones and Talks #3

Aether: Tones and Talks #3

29 April 2010, Doors  19.30, concert 20.00

Welcome to Aether! We head into spring with imagination and an eclectic selection of 3 more guests to enthuse our musical appreciation. For an evening of glitch ambient, DIY musical machinations and some sophisticated musical selection sandwiched between, look no further…



Beta Two Agonist

Starting off tonight’s Aether we enter the drifting ambient soundscapes of Beta Two Agonist. With a string of releases on the Databloem label, his work epitomises a mindset of experimentation and openness and is a composite of field recordings, percussion, circuit-bent toys, contraptions, synths, effects pedals and software driven glitch ambience. We very much hope you enjoy his drifting musical style; a combination of eerie yet gentle, melodic ambience and subtle beats.…


Lucas Grandin – ‘Jardin Sonore Ambulant’

The final act on tonight’s Aether is Lucas Grandin who shall be presenting his project ‘Jardin Sonore Ambulant’ (Traveling Sound Garden). This stems from a neighbourhood sound garden he created earlier this year in the Cameroon and resonates as a by product of recycling and water engineering. We’re still not entirely sure how this will pan out (the machine is yet to be built!), but what we do know is that Lucas Grandin is an artist that combines numerous artistic approaches to address the idealogical and material aspects of recycling. The mobile nature of the traveling sound garden he is constructing for this event shall at least afford us a reconsidered understanding of the building’s sonic environment.

Lucas Grandin’s Mobile sound garden for Aether #3

Five Records That Matter – Peter Fengler

As well As well as being a founder of the legendary Player venue, Peter Fengler is a member of Rotterdam based band Coolhaven. The Player has become a focal point for a very special and incredibly eclectic program of music and art events. So it is with a sense of special and overall high expectation that we have asked Peter to present his 5RTM. No doubt a wide ranging and ‘in the moment’ selection shall ensue.

Peter Fengler’s 5 records:
1. Henri Chopin – La Plaine Des Respirs
[12″black vinyl] Tochnit Aleph 073, 2007

2. Can’t – Private Time (Part 2)
[12″black vinyl] Weird Forest records


3. Jacques Beloeil -Bidules 1-9
[12″black vinyl] Entr’acte 64, 2009


4. Justin Bennett – Shotgun Architecture
[10″ black vinyl] Onomatopee, 2008


5. Toxoplasmosis/AA Records – 8-INCH #8
[double 8″ lathe cut] DE PLAYER/DOB013, 2010