Aether: Tones and Talks #11

Aether: Tones and Talks #11

Aether: Tones and Talks #11 with:
Machinefabriek, Roel Meelkop and Maziar Afrassiabi

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For this edition of Aether we are participating in the Wereld van Witte de With festival. On September 9 we shall be presenting our first off site concert at Academiegalerie BLAAK10. We are taking this opportunity to invite back some of our local Rotterdam favourites: Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) and Roel Meelkop, who shall perform individually as well as collaborating on special a one-off improvised set. Hosting our regular feature of ‘5 Records That Matter’ is the prodigious Maziar Afrassiabi.

Fresh from yet another bout of new releases, we are proud to present Machinefabriek. Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt) makes electronic music ranging from drones to melodica songs and from classical ambient to harsh feedback noise. Touted by the likes of Wire magazine as one of the most interesting new experimental musicians around, Machinefabriek’s sound is textural and considered. Since 2004 Rutger has unleashed more than 50 releases, with many being self released and sold via his website. His intelligent approach to music has lead to many collaborations with musical luminaries such as Peter Broderick and Gareth Davies.

5 Records That Matter with Maziar Afrassiabi.
Maziar Afrassiabi is an artist and musician based in Rotterdam who played in the band Applegarden from 2001 till 2007. Since then he has continued to produce music. In 2010 he setup Nõde, a multichannel platform for developing new ways of considering the idea of community and its representations. With strong interests in ethnography, composition, architecture and methodology it shall be interesting to see how this is reflected in his selection for 5RTM.

Maziar’s Five Records That Matter:
1- EX YU ELECTRONICA VOL I: Hometaping In Self-Management(compilation,2010), Lx & Step Dancer – Untitled(1988)
2- THE CARETAKER : An empty bliss beyond this World (2011)
3- Fanny Cochrane Smith’s Tasmanian Aboriginal Songs (1903), 

Roel Meelkop
Completing this event’s line up is another multi faceted artist and musician, Roel Meelkop. Since studying art and theory Roel Meelkop’s practice has converged on the locus of sound and art, and explores an interest in the compositional structuring of sound based elements. He has had an extensive career producing installation work, working as a curator, releasing his own material, and working on many collaborative projects including Kapotte Muziek with previous Aether guest Frans de Waard. Recent releases include Grey Mass / Grey Matter (on the 1000füssler label) a number of tracks conceived as individual works which now intersect as if they have always belonged together.

9 September, 2011
doors open: 19.30
start: 20.00
entrance: free

Academiegalerie BLAAK10
Witte de Withstraat 7a
3012 BK Rotterdam

Aether: Tones and Talks is a B.a.d Event supported by the DKC Rotterdam