Information about current B.a.d members.

  • Aletta de Jong
  • Anique Weve
  • Arjen van Krieken
  • Barbara Helmer
  • Frank Bruggeman
  • Helmut Smits
  • Inge Aanstoot
  • Janine Schrijver
  • Jason L. C. Coburn
  • Jeroen Jongeleen
  • Joke Olthaar
  • Kamiel Verschuren
  • Karin Arink
  • Karin Trenkel
  • Koes Staassen
  • Laurien Dumbar
  • Marco Douma
  • Maurice Meewisse
  • Menno Verhoef
  • Niki van Strien
  • Reinaart Vanhoe

Concrete London (selection 2007-2008) Edible plants and fruit trees in several boroughs of London. “Street food” found in communual gardens of social housing, on city farms, on the streets, balconies, windowsills and allotment gardens. Technique: oilplot on paper, different sizes from ±30x 50 to ±80 by 110 cm

De Aalmoes 2008 A nursery of vegetables and herbs grown in the garden of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. These were grown as supplies for a temporary restaurant called de Aalmoes, which was located on the street outside the museum during the summer of 2008.

Plant Room 2008 Installation with plant, LED lighting and house music This work was informed by scientific researh showing that different plants grow better in certain colours of light.

Green Light 2009 Advertisement Lightbox customized into a greenhouse with growlight and edible plants.

Green Light 2009 Advertisement Lightbox customized into a greenhouse with growlight and edible plants.

‘Solitair’s the only game in town’

Initial concepts

Utilizing nature, specifically vegetable nature, factors my work. Basically nature is all around and doesn’t have its own place. Tackling nature causes a contradictory attitude and the accompanying conduct is what I reflectorize.

Society handles the arrangement of living space. I process the choices made for new formulations and compilations. Analyzing and re-conceptualizing human surroundings will always bring in an identifiable expression which, at the same time, sends up questions again.

Many of my objects receive a special color blue. Making use of this color is a solution for accumulating entities of different values. The color actually charges a lack of hierarchy through which objects establish themselves as anarchistic. I regard this view on my collection as a personal default parameter system that creates free mental space and a fixpoint for the audience.

My work impersonates the following disciplines: objects, installations, furniture, photography, public space interventions, interior insertions and flower arrangements. It is exhibited at galleries, museums, art fairs and public space projects.


Dutchscape/Nomad #1

Two dead trees supporting a living tree, 2007 photo: Lotte Stekelenburg

Parking for white cars only 2006 Temporary project in a parking garage where the best spots were accessible for white cars only. Thanks to Code and Parking Ecuyer Brussels.

The Real Thing 2006 L: 400 cm W: 250 cm H: 200 cm An installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water. photo: Rick Messemaker

no title 2005 paint rollers, pedestal L: 54 cm W: 36 cm H: 124 cm photo: Rick Messemaker

Football stadium 2002 fruit crate boxes, fruit, wood, stands, halogen work lights, grass carpet L: 450 cm W: 350 cm H: 170 cm photo: Madeleine Heijmans.

Janine Schrijver is fotograaf. Herinnering en verlangen zijn belangrijke thema’s in haar werk. In verschillende fotografische projecten komen deze thema’s tot uitdrukking. Zo is ‘Kustportretten’ een serie foto’s gemaakt langs de kusten van Europa. Dit fotografisch werk bestaat uit zeelandschappen en portretten van haar gebruikers. Beide worden gebruikt als metafoor voor onze universele verlangens naar verloren tijden.

Deze thematiek verbeeld zij ook in een serie over stadsparken waar zij momenteel aan werkt. Bij deze serie portretteert zij naast landschappelijke elementen van het park, ook haar gebruikers. Ook in deze serie is een tweedeling van foto’s met mensen en zonder mensen.

Voor meer informatie:

influenza / la ville de personne (forbidden for all), le mur, paris 2007

Responsibility, the ability to respond Doual’art, Douala Cameroon, 2010 Social specific installation for the award ceremony for the Prins Claus Prize 2010 to Doual’art

Kamiel Verschuren is a conceptual artist with a broad international practice with a special attention to the public domain and urban space, in different capacities; as curator, producer, organiser, initiator, urban adviser, drawer, designer, landscape artist, publisher and social activist, working independently or in collaboration with other artists and organisations. He is a member of the artists’ initiative foundation B.a.d (1989), artists’ workshop Studio Pompstraat, project organisation Studio NL 01.08.04 foundation (2004), the international project organisation iStrike foundation (until 2009), member of the advisory board of TENT./Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam since 2004, and chairman of the self-management organisation for new studio spaces in Charlois, Rotterdam, foundation NAC (since 2004).

He works on several durable collaborations with organisations S-Air, La Source du Lion and Doual’art, in Sapporo Japan (since 2004), Casablanca Morocco (since 2003) and Douala Cameroon (since 2007).

Hiding behind the Shine 2013 cut adhesive metal foil ± 140 x 60 x 5 cm

For Karin Arink, the art work is an object the spectator can identify with, to the extent of the art work becoming a carrier transferring a new experience from artist to spectator. A metamorphosis of the ‘normal’ modes of body and being. Her works depart from the different ways in which we manifest our selves: through body (posture), garments and language – and she manipulates these forms until appearing and being align as one, in a new shape. The textured surface of her works is important: shiny and folded, transparent and massive: tactile information shaping the experience. The artwork as a being, relating to our modes of existence, our states of self.

made in sundaymorning#ekwc 2011 working period with support of Fonds BKVB and O&O subsidie CBK Rotterdam here: as yet untitled standing figure and pair in mixed clay, and the yellow porcelain Happiness Shield 2011

Party Animal 2006 was one of the works exhibited in my solo Karin Arink – States of Self in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, 2008.

wearing X-pand 2002 photo

zonder titel, acryl op linnen, 250 x 180 cm, 2010

zonder titel, acryl op linnen, 240 x 160 cm, 2010


zonder titel, acryl op linnen, 2009

Observations exhibition at Hommes Gallery, 2013: MDME#47

Marco Douma is an multidisciplinair/multimediair contemporary artist in the digital field. He concentrates on moving image and sound. MDME is a collection of extraordinary and extraordinarily moving explorations of the inner and outer landscapes of our minds and hearts and world.

Pulsate, 2009

Man may think he is the producer of himself; in fact he is not.We are constructed by our cultures and in turn we construct our cultures. My projects simulate these processes and simultaneously call for contemplation regarding the construction of notions of meaning, truth, history, and identity. I amplify the phenomenological qualities of colour, light, space and material by creating formal and abstract structures. However, structure can never be truly abstract, for the fragments that build it always create new narratives with the history that they inevitably bear, and the history they inevitably bare. In the total body of my work there is no limitation to my choice of materials. A project usually consists of appropriated, crafted, and/or modified three-dimensional objects in space, drawing or photography on the wall, and negative space. Finally, I mourn over the fact that I am a limited subject; by definition unable to fully encompass anything or anyone. And in turn I too, will only be known as a fragment.