Too Much and Not in the Mood …

A collaborative exhibition of recent work by 3rd year Fine Art students from the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Location: Foundation B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam
Opening: Sunday 17 Dec at 17:00

The exhibition is also open on Monday 18 Dec from 12:00 until 18:00


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Kitchen Party …

Kitchen Party 

Jay Tan & Geo Wyeth, Eleanor Zurowski, Quinda-Abraham, Mimì Enna,
Koes Taassen, Lonneke Jonker

Sunday 19 November, 12:00–19:00
Foundation B.a.d
Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Welcome to B.a.d’s Kitchen Party, our contribution to the upcoming South Explorer event. The kitchen is our building’s heart; it’s where we meet, where chance encounters happen, and where we welcome you. Our Kitchen Party exhibition pays homage to this humble yet important space. We’re serving tea, coffee, and soup and bread all day. Join us! Our door is always open

Jay Tan & Geo Wyeth

Jay Tan grew up above a supermarket in Surrey, playing netball and eating TV. She gained an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, and completed a residency at the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, in 2015. Recent exhibitions include at the Kunstverien, Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, FUTURA, Prague, the Vleeshal, Middleburg, CAC, Vilnius, Galeria Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, and HollyBush Gardens, London. Solo presentations include at Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Camden Arts Centre, London, and Rongwrong, Amsterdam.

Geo Wyeth works with music, performance, installation, and video. Recent presentations include at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, MoMA PS1, LA MoCA, The New Museum, New York Live Arts, The Studio Museum, Harlem, Boston ICA, Kate Werble Gallery, La MaMa Theatre, Human Resources, The Pyramid Club, and Joe’s Pub. S/he completed a residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, in 2016 and is currently based between Rotterdam and New York.

Eleanor Zurowski

Eleanor Zurowski is a Sydney-based artist whose practice examines notions of care and labour. She often works with the material and symbolism of bread. By engaging with its relationships to histories, culture, religion, and society, she pays homage to a basic food that provides sustenance in many different ways.


Quinda-Abraham is a collaboration of Quinda Verheul and Abraham Meeuwsen. Respectively, they graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in 2015 and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2014. Their work addresses topics such as spirituality, capitalism, and the environment and reflects on natural and artificial phenomena.

Mimì Enna

Mimì Enna, born in Oristano in 1991, lives and works between the Netherlands and Italy. She is interested in the meaning of the image in its daily context. In her work, photographs or found images (from books, the internet, etc.) interact with performance, video and installation, creating an interaction among them, and reflecting on how the media and art are connected to the everyday life habits.
Marathon for lazy people is a movie marathon in her studio at BAD, running for the whole duration of the event. The public is invited to participate. (Yes, popcorn will be provided).

Koes Staassen

Koes Staassen‘s drawings reveal and conceal, in a playful and erotic manner, the mechanisms of desire. He recently started making collages, using photographic material, to frame the gaze that falls upon his friends and collaborators.

Lonneke Jonker

“Food is life. Art is a reflection of life. As an artist I am interested in what we put in our mouth and what the effects might be of this action. There are 3 elements in my work that are essential: food, ethics, and bringing people together. As a creator, I think it’s important to trigger all the senses and to give people an experience. To use food as a tool, try to find a material that is understandable for everyone.”

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Fire, Smoke, Steam: a pit cooking workshop by Ghislain Amar & Joost Nieuwenburg …

A free pit-cooking workshop by Ghislain Amar and Joost Nieuwenburg in Foundation B.a.d’s garden.

Date: Sunday 12 November 2017
Time: From 11:00 to 22:00
Participation: Free (advance registration required via
Location: Foundation B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, Rotterdam

Fire, Smoke, Steam is a free one-day workshop on pit cooking using an earth oven. An earth oven is a pit in the ground used to trap heat for baking, smoking, or steaming food. For millennia, earth ovens have featured in many cultures, and archaeologists often seek their presence as a key sign of past human settlement.

The workshop will feature different activities, including cooking a vegetarian meal using this ancient technique. Together, participants dig up the results and conclude the day with slow-cooked delights.

Please wear warm shoes and warm rainproof clothing because the workshop requires spending most of the day outdoors.

Supported by Stichting Nac/Mya Fonds

To participate, please contact

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Arte Concordia. 9 Sept – 8 Oct 2017 …

Opening on Saturday 9 September from 16:00 to 18:00, the third edition of Arte Concordia features 15 commissioned works and 40 flags for Avenue Concordia, a street in the Kralingen neighbourhood of Rotterdam. The exhibition is curated by Karin Arink under the title of Een moment, nu: Mo(nu)ment and includes several artists working at B.a.d.

At DOEN, Avenue Concordia 30, is a presentation of editions by participating artists.

Click here for more information


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Opening: 7 July, 18:00–21:00
Also open: 9 July, 13:00–17:00

Foundation B.a.d
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG Rotterdam

Je bent bij deze van harte uitgenodigd voor de opening van Gültigkeitsdauer (Period of validity), een tentoonstelling met werk van Selma Hengeveld, Karin Arink en Marijke Appelman.

Fotograaf en beeldend kunstenaar Selma Hengeveld laat nieuw werk zien. Ze documenteerde een korte reis in foto’s, bonnen, flyers en notities en maakte een vertaling van dit herinneringsdocument naar de ruimte. Zo ontstaat er een andere reis; een nieuwe reconstructie van de bestaande gebeurtenissen. Het werk vervaagd de grenzen tussen feiten en fictie en onderzoekt de rol van het fotoplakboek als middel om herinneringen vast te houden. Naast haar eigen werk selecteerde Selma werk van Karin Arink en Marijke Appelman. Uit hun oeuvre heeft ze stukken gekozen die al een lange tijd geleden gemaakt werden en die nu verbindingen aangaan met haar eigen nieuwe werk.

De tentoonstelling komt samen in het oproepen van de herinnering. Herinneringen aan een zeer recente reis en herinneringen aan een maakproces van lang geleden. De omstandigheden van toen, de ontmoetingen die plaatsvonden en de ontwikkelingen en inzichten die het opleverden. Als makers gaan we vooruit mét aandacht voor wat er was: we laten van alles en nog wat achter. Net als deze tentoonstelling die weer zal vervallen in een herinnering. Natasha Rijkhoff maakt en schrijft en zal de tentoonstelling aanvullen met woorden.

Please join us for Gültigkeitsdauer (Period of Validity), an exhibition of works by Selma Hengeveld, Karin Arink, and Marijke Appelman.

Photographer and visual artist Selma Hengeveld is showing new work in which she documented a short journey using photographs, receipts, flyers, and notes, translating them into a special remembrance document. In this way, a different journey appears: a new reconstruction of real events. The work blurs the borders between fact and fiction and investigates the scrapbook’s function as a means to retain memories. Apart from her own work, Selma selects works from Karin Arink and Marijke Appelman. From their oeuvres, she has chosen older works to make connections with her new work.

The exhibition is about evoking memories – memories of a very recent journey and memories of a working process from long ago: the different circumstances, the unforeseen meetings, and the developments and insights that were created then. As makers we go forward while keeping the things that are left behind in mind. The same goes for this exhibition, which will inevitably turn into a memory. Natasha Rijkhoff makes and writes and adds to the exhibition with words.

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B.a.d Night Plus …

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About the new B.a.d logo …

In the 30 years that Foundation B.a.d has existed, it has had several different logos. B.a.d’s new graphic identity builds on the previous one (see below), which used the building’s silhouette and our name set in Arial typeface.

B.a.d’s new graphic identity is in Helvetica Light. The new logo uses an uppercase ‘F’ to create a visual and typographic balance with the uppercase ‘B’. The words ‘Foundation’ and ‘B.a.d’ are stacked, echoing the use of the building’s silhouette in the former logo. The ‘B’ and ‘d’ are united, and the tracking between the letters is closer together, both implying the sense of community that has always underscored B.a.d as an organisation. The former cyan colour is now more green: a recognition of the building’s beautiful gardens and also our move towards more sustainable energy sources (we have installed a pellet burner with carbon-capture for our heating, and soon we hope to install solar panels to capitalise on our large roof spaces).

A consistent feature of the B.a.d name and logo is the use of two points on either side of the ‘a’ – thus ‘B.a.d’, not ‘B.a.d.’ (and why Bad? Well, our first location was a disused bath house, and ‘bad’ is Dutch for ‘bath’). Since there’s a third dot above the ‘i’ of ‘foundation’, the three dots are consolidated to form an ellipsis (…). The ellipsis is a punctuation symbol used to indicate an unfinished thought or a pause. In Theodor Adorno’s essay ‘Punctuation Marks’, he describes the ellipsis as suggesting ‘an infinitude of thoughts and associations.’ As such, this three-dotted glyph encapsulates B.a.d’s commitment both to creativity and providing space.

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Exhibition by Lisa Kuglitsch at Galerie Gallery …

Lisa Kuglitsch, currently a guest at B.a.d, has an opening on June 9, from 19:00 to 23:00, at Galerie Gallery, Dordtselaan 27E, 3081 BD Rotterdam.

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Jiwon Choi visits B.a.d …

Today at B.a.d, we had the pleasure of a visit from the New York-based artist Jiwon Choi, who screened her 2016 video Parallel – complete with a session of glow-stick waving! Despite this seemingly amusing characterisation of the screening, Parallel addresses the correlations between the K-Pop phenomenon – a music genre originating in South Korea, with hyper-saturated audiovisual elements and highly gendered roles – and the military backdrop permeating the postwar culture of South Korea. Parallel is a 30-minute video work Choi made for her graduation thesis for the MFA Photo, Video and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

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New B.a.d website …

Over the coming months, we’ll be updating our new website.
The old website content still needs transferring, but all info regarding Guest Studios and Contact + Directions is still available.

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