Rental Prices

Guest Spaces/Apartments
The three Guest Apartments are modest spaces. Table, chairs, bed, closet and sink are available.

It’s possible to use the space/apartment to both work and live in. However, the apartments are not suitable for larger work.
All rents include heating, water, electricity, and basic things like coffee, tea, sugar, toilet paper etc.

PRICE LIST (updated 03 – 06 – 2017)

Residence: 390,- Euro a month (working & living in Studio or Apartment)
Work Residence: 350,- Euro a month (working only, no living)

Extra guest/resident: 70,- Euro a month

These costs includes all day ADSL access to the internet in the Apartment / Studio.
Telephone, printing & faxing costs are not included.
For telephone we advise the usage of Skype.

These charges are made from the first of the calendar month, for the whole that calendar month, and are not negotiable. This means if you wish to begin your stay a couple of weeks into the month you still have to pay for the whole of that calendar month. We have to do this as we run the guest studios on a voluntary basis and as such must have set periods to reduce administration. Please note: the above prices are subject to review and may change.