Information about current B.a.d members.

  • Aletta de Jong
  • Anique Weve
  • Barbara Helmer
  • Frank Bruggeman
  • Helmut Smits
  • Inge Aanstoot
  • Janine Schrijver
  • Jason Coburn
  • Jeroen Jongeleen
  • Joke Olthaar
  • Kamiel Verschuren
  • Karin Arink
  • Karin Trenkel
  • Koes Staassen
  • Laurien Dumbar
  • Marco Douma
  • Maurice Meewisse
  • Menno Verhoef
  • Niki van Strien
  • Reinaart Vanhoe

People Describing Their Surroundings Using Objects Close at Hand  |  Video  |  4:34

The Side Job, That’s the Question   Photograph

Studie 3 Tek  |  Pencil on paper  |  220 x 150 cm

Dahlia Take Away  |  A collection of 30 dahlia species. Visitors could take a flower home

The Real Thing  |  50 x 70 x 165 cm  |  A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water

It’s My Party  |  Mixed media on canvas  |  180 x 180 cm

Our Nature, New York  |  Photograph

Atomizer (Silver)  |  Foil embossed paper on wall

Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue, Green, and Orange, and Purple […]

Zigeunerin and the Bear  |  Theatre performance

Kamiel Verschuren is a conceptual artist interested in the public domain and urban space, He works with these spaces as a curator, producer, organiser, initiator, urban adviser, drawer, designer, landscape artist, publisher and social activist, working independently or in collaboration with other artists and organisations.

Facebook: Kamiel Verschuren
Facebook: foundation B.a.d
Facebook: stichting NAC
Facebook: Stedelinks010
Facebook: www.facebook/CAIRE13
Facebook: Paviljoen aan het Water
Facebook: VeerpontZuid

Inner Space  |  Porcelain fragments arranged in space   10 x 8 m

Landscape with River  |  Paper

The Color of Shame  |  Video  |  3:02

Untitled  |  Acrylic on linnen  |  160 x 240 cm

Machinefabriek and Marco Douma live at Vrooom

Work Boot  |  Silver plated work boot

Untitled  |  Glass and textile

Tectonic Plate  |  Ink on paper