About B.a.d

Foundation B.a.d – an artists initiative in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – was founded in 1987, when a group of art students occupied a decommissioned bath house. The experience was short-lived but influential, because it inspired the need to establish a formal structure, and subsequently, Foundation B.a.d was born (Stichting B.a.d – Bad meaning ‘Bath’ in Dutch).
As a collaborative group, B.a.d participated in several international exhibitions, including Manifesta 1 (1996, Rotterdam), Democracy! at the Royal College of Art (2000, London), and My Home Is Yours/Your Home Is Mine (2000, Tokyo and Seoul). In 2001, Foundation B.a.d began a long-term sustainability project called B.a.d To The Future! The aim of this project was to secure the premises for future use, which included finding new partners, renovating the building, and continually rethinking how B.a.d functions as an arts organisation.

Since 1991, Foundation B.a.d has been situated in a former school building in the south of the Rotterdam. The location is near the river Maas and surrounded by the contrasting environments of parkland and Rotterdam’s massive industrial harbour. Our building was built in 1954 and is located on Talingstraat in the leafy neighbourhood of Charlois – a residential area particularly popular with the creative community. As such, the building’s location offers an oasis for artistic activity, close to a growing network of creative practitioners.

B.a.d’s principal aim is to provide studios to its members, guest studios, and a venue for presentations and events. We offer temporary guest studios for local and international artists. As a Foundation with three decades of experience, we are proud to have hosted more than 400 guests from around the world. We have a large hall and garden, both of which can be used by members and guests for artistic and social activities. All of these qualities make Foundation B.a.d an enjoyable and productive place for artists to work and stay. For more information, see our Guest Studios section and our Archive section.

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